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A Hood Affair

14.99 USD

Take a ride down the streets of Charlotte, NC, better known as the Queen City as Shaneice, bka Neicee and her boyfriend ,Quentin, known as Q take you on a whirlwind of surprises. Q loves Neicee with everything in him, but he can't remain faithful. Neicee is from the hood, and she grew up the only girl of six children. She is determined to never have to go back to the hood. Despite where she is from, she graduated from law school and has built the reputation as the baddest hood lawyer to ever grace the streets of Charlotte. Now, someone is out to kill Neicee. Could it be one of Q's sideline hoes? Unbeknownst to Q, Neicee has her own secret. Will Q lose Neicee or will she remain his ride or die chick?

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